Design & Engineering 


The [PARISystem] allows to affect various parameters of the EPS manufacturing process.


Depending on the application lay out design, different advantages can be used:


  • reproducible material characteristics
  • lower pentane content *
  • upto 50% shorter silo storage time *
  • upto 20%shorter block storage time *
  • less residual moisture *
  • higher cutting performance with blocks
  • less bending
  • shrinkage is completed after 24 h *
  • lower after shrinkage
* Confirmed by independentstudies of the Institutefor Building Physics the Leibniz  University of Hannover


Leibniz Universität Hannover, university, Leibniz,


institut für bauphysik, institute for building


By using the [PARI-System] you also achieve shorter response times for your supplement production and may thus represent an improvement in the delivery.


At the same time a virtual capacity expansion in the silo and block storage can be realized by the [PARI-System].


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